We are SUE & The Alchemists; that sounds like a band. That’s no coincidence. Don’t worry; we don’t pretend to be a band. However, we are fascinated by the process of a band. How come some bands score one hit after the other for years? Manage to keep the connection with their audience alive? How do they innovate and reinvent themselves time and again? Even build a new fan base? Keep making money even when new music genres pop up? How do they incorporate new techniques into their talent and craftsmanship? In short, everything organisations also strive for. 

How do you stay relevant? How do you maintain the connection with your audience? How do you position yourself? How do you tap into the emotions of your public? How does this work in their heads? How do you get people into action?

One factor is the combination of the talent of the band members. Bands who keep scoring one success after another all have one thing in common: no band member is more important than the other. Everyone is given the space to use their unique talents and build upon experiences from their former engagements. The best bands have a chemistry that allows the band members to give each other new impulses that enable every individual to reinvent him or herself again and again. No ego, but innovation. So, that’s where it started with us: the composition of the SUE & The Alchemists band.

SUE & The Alchemists is founded by Bas Erlings, Klaas Dijkhoff, Tom De Bruyne and Astrid Groenewegen. Together they create alchemy.

  • Klaas Dijkhoff; campaign leader of the Dutch Liberal Party (VVD), home secretary, Minister and chairman of the Dutch liberals in the cabinet.
  • Bas Erlings; A&R manager for various record companies, lead strategy and campaign manager of a.o. the Dutch Liberal Party (VVD), SonyMusic and leading the VVD campaign team that won the 2016 and 2o21 Dutch general elections.
  • Tom De Bruyne and Astrid Groenewegen; founders of SUE | Behavioural Design, with a track record for years in successful influencing better choices and shaping positive behaviours for national and international organisations, political parties and NGOs. Popular Keynote speakers and founders of Europe’s number 1. education in the science of influence: SUE | Behavioural Design Academy.

But there is more fascinating stuff we can learn from bands. Most bands run out of inspiration in about six years. The bands that manager= to stay at the top understand this timing. They grasp there is not just one success formula, but you need to innovate at the right time not to lose the connection with your audience. This is something a lot of organisations recognise. Disruption from the most unexpected places by the most unpredictable players often comes quicker than your marketing or communication can solve this. But what would happen if we could get your timing right? If we could give you insight into which emotions locked inside your target group are the most impactful? Why your stakeholders show certain behaviours and not? If we could unlock the unconscious forces that influence the decision whether someone will embrace your organisational strategy, culture, industry, brand or product? SUE & The Alchemist has developed a proven method founded in behavioural science that can give you those answers. Whether you have to win clients, members, fans or voters for you:

Organisations that understand how people unconsciously make decisions and capitalise on this know-how beat their competition time and again.

Our expertise is to give organisations insight into which buttons to push to regain connection with their audience or not lose it. Insights that we translate into tangible strategies and ideas.

We have cracked the code of how and when to innovate that 20% that is required to not lose the connection with your stakeholders. With our method, we can predict when your organisation or brand start to slip away; people begin to feel negative about you. This is not based on our gut feeling but behavioural science. Our expertise is shaping influence strategies by applying behavioural analysis and using behavioural science to translate these into tangible interventions. Making sure the connection with your audience is genuine and not based on assumptions. We go beyond advice. A successful band not only creates the best compositions and song texts. They also know a hit can only be scored when the best musicians perform these. SUE & The Alchemists develop robust strategies, frames, propositions, communication, and campaigns based on behavioural analysis that helps boards and teams make better decisions and give them more control over successful outcomes.

We unlock the unconscious human decision-making and translate this into actual words and images, which we continuously test. To ensure we know which buttons to push to shape your reputation and your stakeholder’s behaviour predictably. 

This gives your organisation instant insight into the impact of our interventions on your internal or external target groups. It also allows us to optimise strategies and ideas on the go until we have cracked the influence code. This way, your marketing and communication become far more targeted and effective. It allows you to always top your competitors simply by knowing what goes on inside the heads of your target groups and stakeholders.

There’s one final thing we can definitely learn from every successful band; you have to surround yourself with the most talented people in the business. SUE & The Alchemists, next to the four founders, is a team of top talents who all have been trained in Behavioural Design. They have years of experience in helping and coaching boards and teams. They are more than ready to help you shape the reputation of your organisation, industry, brand or product. And regain or strengthen the connection with your target groups. Maybe needless to say, but we don’t have a thing for ‘one-hit wonders’. We are intrigued by making compositions that will make history together with a group of talented and ambitious people. We hope this sounds like music to your ears. We would love to meet you.

Let’s Rock!

Would you like to find out how we can help you?

Curious to find out how SUE & The Alchemists can help you gain insight into the decision-making process of your clients, members or fans and how to influence their choices or behaviours predictably? Drop us an email with a short description of your challenge. We are more than happy to see if we can help you out.

(+31) 20 223 46 26

Ready for some Alchemy?

Curious to find out how SUE & The Alchemists can help you gain insight into the decision-making process of your clients, members or fans and how to influence their choices or behaviours predictably? Drop us an email with a short description of your challenge. We are more than happy to see if we can help you out.

(+31) 20 223 46 26