Organisations that apply behavioural science will always win.

More grip on unconscious decisions,
equals more grip on success.

Organisations that understand how people unconsciously make decisions and capitalise on this know-how beat their competition time and again.

That sounds nice, but how do you turn this into long-term success? And how do you apply this to all decisions that you daily take? The answer is by adding behavioural psychology to your process. This will help you find, understand, and measure how your clients, fans, or voters decide to do things or not. And how you can capitalise on this to predictably shape choice and behaviours.

How can behavioural psychology work for you?

Positioning: strengthen or re-build a robust connection with your target groups by developing or optimising your brand-, organisation or industry positioning based on a deep psychological understanding of the needs of your target groups.
Reputation: reinforce your stakeholder reputation by gaining psychological insight into what drives or stops people from embracing your brand or organisation, helping you to gain more predictable influence. 
Campaigns: optimise your campaigns or enhance the impact of your communications by translating psychological insight into your target groups into words and images that will predictably influence their choice and behaviours. 
Team effectiveness: add psychological intelligence and behavioural data to your team competencies to help them develop better products, services and more persuasive campaigns based on a genuine understanding of how people make choices.

Our clients are organisations, governmental institutions, brands and performing artists that hire us to gain insight into how their target groups think and how to influence them positively.

Ready for some Alchemy?

Curious to find out how SUE & The Alchemists can help you gain insight into the decision-making process of your clients, members or fans and how to influence their choices or behaviours predictably? Drop us an email with a short description of your challenge. We are more than happy to see if we can help you out.

How do we work (and why did we start doing this)?

We can tell you which buttons to push in the unconscious mind to influence choice and shape behaviour.
(and when you can find a connection with your target group or are about to lose it)


We have developed a unique method that helps us quickly reveal the often unconscious forces that influence the decisions of your target groups. If you understand what holds people back or gets people into action, you can make this work for you.


We then translate these into actual words and images based on behavioural science. This way, we don’t just come up with strategies and ideas, but we develop strategies and ideas that will shape choices and behaviours.



Finally, we test and learn with our unique behavioural research if the interventions have the desired effects. We don’t do this after the development. But we test real-time at the target group during every step in the process. This allows us to adapt and optimise on the go and helps you gain control over successful outcomes

It is the combination of experience and know-how that, to our astonishment, was nowhere in the world to be found when we needed it ourselves. That's why we decided to embark on a discovery journey, leading up to developing our success formula best described as Alchemy.

Who are we?

These are merely the four founders of SUE & The Alchemists. They are accompanied by a wonderful team of experienced behavioural experts that have succesfully applied behavioural design for both international and national organisations. All are (continuously) trained in SUE | Behavioural Design Academy. Would you like to learn more about us? Check out here and meet us in more detail.

Our culture: Knalldrang

Knalldrang is our invented Germanesk word. We think it says it all: we love to work hard and play hard. We’re unstoppable curious, untamable ambitious, absolute design for excitement fanatics, we love the big little details, want to be frontrunners…always, love to learn, and aim for the best level of quality delivery out there.

The fact that we can always count on this drive and professionalism allows us to have fun, lightheartedness, and playfulness while at it. Oh, one last thing. We think that being kind and attentive makes the world a much nicer place. So, we go out of our way to make you feel welcome at SUE & The Alchemists. Knalldrang. We hope to meet you soon!


SUE & The Alchemists is a sister of SUE | Behavioural Design and SUE | Behavioural Design Academy. We continuously exchange experiences and behavioural expertise. This guarantees that you will always be offered the latest insights into behavioural science and, foremost, how to apply these into practice. Not just theory, but alchemy!